Remote Hopper3 Reboots


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Jul 29, 2005
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I have two Hopper3 receivers running software version H365. When watching a channel 185 Hallmark movie recorded on my Living Room hopper3 receiver on my Family room hopper3 the picture will freeze and the Living Room hopper3 reboots. This has happened 3 different times in the last 4 days. The last 2 reboots were not during a commercial skip and the movies are all previously recorded Hallmark movies. After the reboot the Resume went back to 50 minutes left while the actual resume spot was 38 minutes.

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I think I figured out why the reboot is occurring on my remote Hopper3.
Tonight I was watching “My Christmas Guide” recorded yesterday 11/2/23 on Hallmark channel 187 on my Living Room Hopper3. I was watching it on my Family Room Hopper3. Dish inserts approximately 5.5 minutes of commercials at one point in the movie. While I was watching on my Family Room Hopper3 my Living Room hopper3 was Recording “Flipping for Christmas” on Hallmark channel 185. It only took three 30 second skips to skip through the 5.5 minute commercial but then the reboot happened.
My guess is that the Remote Hopper gets confused between the live recording and the previous recording that is being played remotely and that causes the reboot. I imagine this is due to the way Dish inserts the commercials.

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