Remote Menu/Guide Latency - Need to make priority in future CE (1 Viewer)

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Aug 10, 2007
Lockport, NY (Buffalo Suburb)
I'm hoping this gets some play for the folks over at D*.

There are some exciting enhancements in the works with some of the media sharing capabilites. However, enhancements should not be made until all bugs are flushed out of your existing product.

There remains unneeded latency when using the HR20/21. Scrolling through menus and guides can be slow... too slow. Take a look at E*'s 622 and 722 and learn how software should respond. IMHO, the only thing E* has going for them over D*.

Please make this a priority.
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Jan 21, 2005
Seattle, WA
I agree with this too... just earlier today I was on one of the XM stations and tried to input channel "1000". I pressed all the keys as anyone else would enter a channel number (in a timely fashion with no errors), but only the "1" registered for a few seconds, causing the entry to time out saying "Channel Unavailable".. then right after the three zeros finally registered. I think the channel had just switched songs so it was refreshing the song info display...

My old Hughes SD DirecTV receiver was great to use -- everything responded as you told it to. Even running MythTV on an old X-Box was more responsive :) But things like browsing the program guide, as only one example, on this receiver is very painful (especially since it doesn't truly scroll a whole page and the program guide is starting to get littered with directv advertisements). I guess one thing the HR21 has going for it is according to my girlfriend, its still much better than her Comcast cable box...

Count me in for downloading a CE release which addresses user interface responsiveness!
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