Renseignez-vous sur le pickup Viper ku(Question about the Viper ku pickup)

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Feb 7, 2017
La paix soit sur vous Nous connaissons le diamètre de la bande C et il est disponible et nous pouvons faire d'autres verres, carreaux ou céramique.
Ma question concerne le ku pickup Quel est le meilleur matériau pour faire et si possible des photos de l'ambiance?

Peace be upon you We know the diameter of the C band and it is available and we can make other with glasses, tiles or ceramics.
My question is about ku pickup What is the best material to use and if possible pictures of the material?
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May 23, 2013
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The surface needs to be metallic to reflect the satellite signals. The reflector could be made of any material as long as the surface is smooth, parabolic (or a section of a parabolic) and is RF reflective.

C-band frequencies do not require as precise of a reflective surface (less efficient). KU band frequencies are much higher and the wave lengths are significantly shorter. These shorter wavelengths are easily dispersed if the surface is not smooth and accurately reflecting the signals to a convergence point (sweet spot). The good news is that KU-band reception does not require as large of a reflector to produce the needed gain.
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