Replay TVs $149 and 3 years service Confirmed Deal at CC


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Sep 25, 2003
$149 at cc and $130 at amazon with 3 years service included. If this needs to be moved please move it . I was wondering what caused this big price drop and thought I would help others on these forums. Happy Holidays

Wouldn't these make a great X mas gifts ? Now if it would only cause dish and Tivo to drop there prices.
THis was one of the posts over in AVSForum in the Replay section:

Here is the new retail pricing structure for the Replay TV models:

RTV5504 $149.99
RTV5508 $299.99
RTV5516 $449.99
RTV5532 $799.99

Service Subscription is no longer included in the price, but is available as a lifetime deal for $299.99 or $12.95 a month.

So pay me now or pay me later.
The company that owns the Marantz brand bought Replay from Sonic Blue a few months back. They may be trying to dump their old inventory. IIRC the new Replay units manufactured after the buyout will not have the networking capability.

I saw that. I just had a friend at CC pick me up 3 of these. He said that 3 years service is included and checked with replaytv by giving them the number on the unit.
If anyone else on here gets one and can hook it up before I get mine this evening let me know if you did get 3 years service included.

Fatwallet thread
I can now confirm that the unit that I picked up does have 3 year service included.

Now to decide what family members get new replays for Xmas
How well would this integrate with a Dish 4800 receiver that my wife mainly uses? It's UHF controlled. In reading the replay manual, it only works with IR.

If this is the case, how does Replay tune to the proper Dish channel to record? The manual also talks about an IR blaster, but again, with my 4800 being UHF controlled that doesn't do me any good
I should have bought one at lunch today. looks like the error was caught ($149 for 40 hour unit with 3 years free service included). I went to CC tonight and they even have a sign on top of the replay units apologizing for the error and stating it did not include 3 years of free replay tv service. oh well...
Deal is still going.

As everyone has heard, DNNA has changed its ReplayTV marketing strategy. They have decided to completely unbundle the activation from the RTV5500s. Even the units that are in inventory which are labels "3 year activation included" will be affected. ALL RTV5500 units connected after 12/23 will have NO activation, regardless of how much you paid for the unit.
From this, one can deduce that you had better activate your 5504 IMMEDIATELY if you want this deal to work!

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