Requesting the National WB and UPN feeds on Direct TV.

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Oct 2, 2003
Someone in an other post mentioned Distant Nets for WB would be a good idea.

We realy cant do this under different Shiva laws.
What can be done is what Dishnetwork does today- 5 Superstions.

There are 3 WBs and 2 UPN granted by law FCC super station status. This means anyone in the USA cant get these channels. Its the law.

Direct TV could add them right now, today, to any local package that does not have a UPN or WB OTA, no questions asked. They just do not want to for some reason.

Why: cost? they think no one wants them? retrans rights?, no one knows why.

We should all contact Direct TV and request this if you do not have a OTA UPN or WB in your area.

P.S. By law Direct could sell the UPN and WB supers to every one, even if there already is a WB or UPN, but they may get challenged for black out for certain shows. So far Dish has never been challenge so everyone can buy the SUper Stations package for $5 a month or $1.50 a channel.

DIrect TV is under new Owners, you need to let them know that you want UPN and or WB.

To request that they add these channels email them here:

Be sure to pick local channels for the topic and if you do not get OTA UPN or WB that you may switched to Dishnetwork as they do offere it.
I called DirecTv in LA and spoke with Dan Hartman (VP of programming) I talked to his assistant Collene. She told me the only reason that they don't offer the Superstations in New York, LA, Denver, and Boston is that: THEY DON'T have room on their system! that's the only reason! the question is do you belive them?

I e-mailed Stephanie Campbell at DirecTV and she told me that they will not carry any of the super stations because of the possibilty of black outs for sporting events and certain syndicated programming. She said that it would not be fair as far as customer service is concerned to offer these. I replied telling her that Dish Network does not black out any programming at any time and that the FCC does not enforce the provisions in the law. I also requested that DirecTV should let their customers vote on their website weather they want the UPN/WB superstations. I think the powers at be at DirecTV are not listening to what their customers really want that they put programming on-the-system that THEY want to see. Here is her e-mail if you would like to try! I think they are making excuses NOT to offer these stations.
Please note that in some areas, you can't get all the Superstaions on Dish. Philly is an example. They can't get UPN (I think)

As long as a station requests it, Dish would have to black out programming. They decided not to sell those there.
I have not yet seen any blackouts from a Dish Network Superstation, but that could be because of my location. I have the Superstation package to supplement my DirecTV programming. If Dish can handle any potential blackout situations, so can DirecTV. The excuse that they don't have room is BS. I'd gladly pay DirecTV for WB/UPN as DNS as I do for the other networks. I went with Dish for WB and UPN after I emailed DirecTV and got no satisfaction. In fact, they called me to tell me to not bother them with anymore emails on this subject.

I'm hopeful that some reports of DirecTV looking into providing HD versions can be worked out.
They don't seem to have a problem blacking out NFL ST and on the RSN's....
I was trying to make a point (in regards to the statement earlier by teknophile from what Stephanie Campbell said) In this - she stated that there was the possiblity of program / sports blackouts. The Directv has great capabilites in regards to being able to black out shows in markets - look at how their sports packages work for example. For example if the game is broadcast locally then is is blacked out on NFL Sunday ticket. If it works for the NFL sunday ticket - I'm SURE it can work for the supstations!
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