Response to Test Switch resulted in loss of satellites on Hopper 3


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Jun 17, 2023
Oceanside CA
This issue is with my Hopper 3 installed in my 2016 Class A RV and the antenna is a Winegard Trav'ler LG1000. I have been having problems getting my Trav'ler to lock onto all 3 western satellites for a long time. I have discussed with Winegard on multiple occasions and a few months ago was told my older Trav'ler will not support a Hopper 3 even though I had been using it that way for almost 2 years. At their insistance I installed a DPH42 switch and solo hub. The unit finds the Satellites much quicker but the lock on is present only on 119 so Still will not work. Winegard had me connect to all 3 satellites manually and this succeeded but multi sat mode will not work. I sent pictures of my on roof equipment and they advised it all looked good and their only suggestion was to possibly change the LNB. I changed the LNB

I responded SAVE to the following message from my Hopper 3: The Check Switch test has found you have fewer satellites than previously detected. Selecting SAVE will result in a loss of CHANNELS. Press cancel to keep the original settings and return to previous menu. ONLY SELECT SAVE IF YOU ARE SURE THAT THIS NEW SETTING IS CORRTECT FOR YOUR INSTALLATION OR YOU HAVE ADDED/REMOVED EQUIPMENT.

After selecting SAVE I now only have satellite 119 visible on my Hopper diagnostics screen and I am not receiving any channels at all. Troubleshooting with Dish support got me no where even though I told them I probably caused the problem by selecting SAVE to this message...I asked how I can recover from this mistake and got no answer. They advised I should bypass the RV in house wiring and run a coax direct from the DPH42 to the back of the hopper. I am going to try this today but don;t understand how it will work when the trav'ler isn't connecting to the satellites.

HELP! Any suggestions? Thanks
Hitting save itself didn't cause a problem. If you're only seeing 119 that's because that's all that's actually making it to the receiver. Also there's no way everything worked fine for two years. Sure you probably had channels but no way you had all 16 tuners available. Two tuners max is all you would get.

But here's how it should be set up. You need all three cables from dish to the inputs on dph42 switch. Then on output number one you need a power inserter (doesn't sound like you have one). Then from the output of power inserter it will go to odu on hub then host on hub to back of hopper.

Also I'd have the winegard powered on first to acquire signal then once it's found it, then plug in power inserter then the hopper. Repeat anytime hopper has been unplugged/powered down.