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I am watching today's Retailer Charlie Chat.

If any news comes out of it I will post it here.

So far just going over all the new DHP plans.
They just announced that 322 for now is DHP only...

If a customer purchased a 322 and called Dish to activate it and they are not a DHP customer they will not activate the 322.

510 Upgrade program for DHP customers - 1 year commitment reset Dish 510 receiver $49 with Credit Card autopay.

510 Upgrade for standard customers - 1 year AT50 or higher $99 and credit card autopay or FREE 510 for 2 year commitment to AT50 or higher with Credit Card autopay. Limit of 1 receiver.
No its a live chat.

14 cities just announced (all via SuperDish) (Hopefully I got them all and spelled them all correctly) :D

Albany (Nov 6th)
Baltimore (Nov 6th)
Columbia SC (Nov 6th)
Greensboro SC (Nov 6th)
Madison WI (Nov 6th) (Missing ABC)
Richmond VA (Nov 6th)

Boise (Nov 13)
Columbus (Nov 13th)
Missulsa? (nov 13th)
Mobile Al (Nov 13th) (Missing FOX)
Springfield Il (Nov 13)

Evansville (Nov 20th)
Witicha KS (Nov 20th)
Wilksbury/ Scranton (Nov 20) (No CBS or NBC)

ABC has been added to Eugene Or
KING will no longer be available in Alaska as Ankoridge NBC is now available.
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I believe that is dealer cost and not public cost.

If that indeed is dealer cost I will need to edit your post P Smith as I believe what things cost dealers should be kept the dealers and their suppliers. :)
Milwaukee Locals & 811


Was there any mention of the Milwaukee locals since they are only 60 miles east of Madison?

Also, will the 811 be ready on November 1st?


I don't recall any mention of Milwaukee locals (they were reading them off as fast as I could write them down)

They did not give any release date for the 811 but kept talking about the 811 as "when available"
Im unfortunately not watching now. :)

I had a special feed setup so I could see what was going on at my office (and hear as well)
Joe I am not sure, but if the answer was YES then your DHP contract would start over on the date the 522 was installed.
Scott, was there any reason for the ABC channel not being available for the Madison, WI locals? ( I'm sure this would apply to other locals areas as well)

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