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Sep 7, 2003
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Besides tonight's Consumer Charlie Chat there will be another Charlie Chat tommorow for Retailers.

Althought most of the retailer chat tommorow will be information from tonights consumer chat , you can count on SatelliteGuys.US to bring you full coverage of the Retailer Chat.

Good luck to everyone tonight I hope you win at SatelliteGuys tonight in our Charlie Chat... Chat!
June 14th, 20??

The KASS two year dates are not shown. Why did this just show up with a notification noise on iPad?


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its a bug in Tapatalk. Happens all the time unfortunately. :(. Its nothing we control as its being sent by Tapatalk themselves.
My favorite Retailer Chat...Jim Defranco and some younger guy running retailer services at the time were bragging about John Fogerty headlining Team Summit. The guy asks Jim his favorite Fogerty song, and Jim says "I don't know, what about yours?" The guys replies, "I don't know either!".

Neither of them could name one of John Fogerty's songs after going on and on about how great it was going to be to have him at TS! LOL
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