2 days ago I decided to trade in my Fire TV Cube 1st gen for the 3rd gen model. Got it this morning.
Not bad. On a Sunday even. From not having a Prime sub for months. I took the 30 day trial. Probably won't keep it.
That's related to another recent post here.
The old one is deactivated and factory reset. Ready to ship back prepaid by Amazon. The buy back price is okay by me.
It was on its 2nd remote anyway and that had a worn out 4-way button.
Probably should think of that before buying an all-in-one TV. Don't ya think? Who's going to offer you to trade in a TV?

Anyway. This is not a review. It's an out of box experience. Besides initial setup and registration. Going through a software update. Wired Ethernet static IP and router settings ('cuz that's just me). Pretty slick.
A nice settings menu.
A nice surprise is that Screen Mirroring is back. Hold the home button for a few seconds and it's there in the menu.
Didn't try it just yet. If it works good. The Roku certainly will get used much less now.
All of my previous apps are in the menu ready to be downloaded and installed.
Downloader is there. It installed lickedy-split.
First was Youtube. A bit of signing in and a phone confirmation. Good to go.
Watching Reacher right now on Prime. Audio options include Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Atmos. So the Sony X930E should be happy. I use optical out to my HT receiver. It's a 'vintage' Kenwood monster and doesn't have HDMI inputs.
Just on the Sony soundbar with ARC for now. Didn't try my HDMI splitter with 7.1 audio out taps yet.
Just an out of box thingy for now.

Alexa got street smart. With style. Before when I asked her wtf. She would come back with "I'm sorry but I don't know how to do that". Now "Alexa, wtf?" She's eager to know what's wrong and how she can improve.
Or when the same question is asked in Youtube. You get taken to the topics. One being Chris Rock getting slapped upside the head by Will.

I really liked the previous Cube. This 3rd gen is crisp and fast. A Shield was a consideration. Alexa went to school and device integration seems spot on. There is an HDMI input also.100 mbps Ethernet should be fast enough.
Perhaps will give the wifi a test soon. And install Kodi. It was balky at the very least on the 1st gen.
Just had our 4th Firestick go dead while watching it. Ordered a Roku + stick.
I have a Roku Stick 4K for my outdoor theater, just as nice as my Ultras.

Usually prefer wired, but no Ethernet Cord going out there of course, but not one connection issue with it and it is the furthest away from any router in my house (have 4).
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