Roof-mounted dish and problems with snow buildup?

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Nov 21, 2003
The installers said that I have to mount my dish on the roof as opposed to a side wall of the house due to a tree obstructing the dish's view to one of the satellites. However, I live in the midwest (southwest Michigan), and I have heard that snow buildup on the roof will disrupt reception.

Can anyone who lives in the midwest and has their dish mounted on the roof comment on problems with snow buildup?

If snow buildup is a problem, is there any way to reduce/eliminate the problem?

I used to have a roof mount, I guess the question to you is if you're talking about buildup on the roof itself or on the dish. If you're talking about snow on the roof blocking the signal then you might have problems since a dish heater won't fix that, you'll have to clean it off. On the dish the only time I had a problem was with really wet/heavy snow that built up. I didn't have a heater but I could use the garden hose to shoot some water up there to clean the snow off (since the temp was high enough no problem with the water freezing on the dish).
I live in Ohio and in my area I get a wet, sticky snow that hozes the reception about once or twice a year. Mine is mounted near the edge of the roof so it's quick to use a stepladder and broom to clear it. I am currently changing antennas and the new one will be ground mounted, making it even easier to clear.
Thanks for the replies.

I just read that some people apply a dry silicone spray to the dish, thereby making its surface much more slick, which in turn helps prevent snow buildup on the dish. Anyone ever try this? Any possible concerns about such an idea?
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