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Mar 5, 2010
Madison, WI
Thanks in advance.......

I have Charter cable for my home phone and internet only. From the wall/floor, the cable is connected to the "Arris TM822A" phone modem. From there, a CAT5 is connected to my Netgear WNDR3800 wireless router. I'd really like to move BOTH units, but because of how the cable comes into that room, the phone modem has to stay put. It is impossible to get to the cable from under this room to re-route it because of the ceiling configuration in the lower level.

My question...... is it possible to connect the phone modem to the router without having to purchase a 25 to 30 foot CAT5 to connect in a different room? A wireless option? It's basically a move to "center" the router in the house and unclutter my wife's room. (You know, happy wife, happy life.)

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