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Jan 31, 2006
"Brooklyn, NY"
From what I've seen, even though Dish parks fifteen or so HD RSNs on 129tp8, only four can carry games there simultaneously. If there are more than four games, the overflow moves to some other transponder for that day. Dish doesn't have enough transponder space to show all the RSNs in HD all day, so they only show the games.

The logo and music that you see is going out at a pretty low bitrate, compared to the HD games.

Huh, didn't think that few would be broadcasting at the same time, but now it makes sense. Thanks for the info!
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Jan 23, 2006
Long Island
maybe dish could map the hd channel to the sd channel when there's no hd content, it might solve some of this confusion and make people think they always have the channel ;)

I received an email from Eric Sahl of Echostar last week regarding SNYHD. In it he said

"Your standard definition feed will remain on channel 438 and our engineering team is working on a method to map down your HD feed so that it is adjacent to your standard definition feed by October 1 in time for the NBA and hockey seasons."

You would think that the head of programming for Echostar would know that SNY will not be showing any NHL or NBA games (here in NY those games are on SportsnetNY MSG Network and YES Network).

Anyway this should solve your mapping issues.


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Mar 2, 2004
that letter sounds like it is only gonna put the hd channel next to the sd, not sd content on the channel
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