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  1. As of Thursday September 7, there is no broadcast of the Portuguese channel, Rtpi, on Ku Band 97W, Galaxy19. The signal is there, just no broadcast of program, black screen. It is working fine on the C band. To verify, the F. 12060MHz, H, SR 22000. I live in California and about 40 of my Portuguese customers are asking why they have no program now. Does anyone know how to contact RTPI to let them know there is no broadcast on their Ku Band? Any help would be appreciated, my customers are going crazy. Thanks, Scott
  3. Thanks, I already went to that page earlier, but I was hoping they had a contact in the US, they used to. I don't see how it could related to the hurricane since the programming is still showing up on the customer's C band dishes. Its only a Ku Band issue, black screen, but all signals present. All the other channels on that TP work fine. I tried to email Rtpi, but I don't know Portuguese, so not sure if they'll understand what I wrote. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it in the forum, this place used to be buzzing with FTA hobbyists.
  4. Did RTPI ON 805 SWITCH

    Sadly, I have noticed a decline in FTA activity across many forums. :(
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  5. RTPI has change Frequency on Galaxy19 at 97W,
    12152 H 20000
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  6. Thank you very much it's working.
  7. FTA requires some effort.IP,push a few buttons. ;)
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  8. Thank you for reporting the change. For some unexplained reason, Rtpi does this switching back and forth of transponders over the years. Also Rtpi web site has the wrong frequencies and SR listed in their update.The problem is, I have many Portuguese customers who have the FTA Satellite installed to get the channel, most are elderly and it's the only channel they watch , and it's not as simple for them to fix (a few button pushes, etc.) ;);)
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  10. The SID or VPID is 601 on TP 26 (12152 H 20000) for anyone who may not have found it yet, since the info on Lyngsat for 26
    has not been updated even though RTPI was removed as SID 1 on TP-20
  11. Thank you for this! My elderly grandparents came to me and asked if I could try to get there RTP back because they knew I "use computers". The man that helped them set it up years ago passed away. They are very happy to have their Portuguese programming back :)
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  12. Great info. I will try it.
  13. sorry, I can't get the signal!!! the 12152 H 20000 doesn't work for me, the quality on my box flickers very quickly. 0~60%, i've moved the dish, it's not the lnb, receiver or cable, as other transponders come in well and have channels.
    I'm using a Viewsat FTA box, anyone have any issues how did you resolve it?

  14. That is odd as that transponder is the easiest one to tune in most cases, as there is not adjacent satellite interference on that particular transponder.
  15. I don't disagree with you but neither my box viewsat and my mother in laws cnx work on this time but work on tp20 12060 h 22000.
    Any other recommendations? Different box, lnb?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've installed this dish for tp20 many of times.
  16. It is possible though that you can have local interference that is causing trouble on that transponder.
    If you are getting other xponders well you should get that one no problem.

    Go through the house and unplug all wall warts and thing so that nature one at a time....or if you can kill the power to everything but that circuit and see if the problem persists.
    People have been having a lot of issues lately with cell phone chargers, etc. That are putting out a lot of trash. Radar detecters and car chargers as well if one is parked close to where that TV or dish is.
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  17. Sorry but what's a wall wart???
    I had to look up what a wall wart is. Out of touch!!

    My mother in laws place is very basic. There is nothing there, she doesn't have Internet. She does have cordless phones, I find this very odd.

    If you had to recommend a sat finder, would you and which one??

  18. I use Sathero brand myself. Not top of the line but not bottom either. :)
  19. Ha this one time I should have just called it a charger or power supply. I always hated that name "wall wart", but it seems that is what everyone calls the small power supplies these days.
  20. Sorry everyone still having issues. What receivers are you using??? Two of my viewsat ultras and a cnx nano can't get the signal!! What the heck is going on? Two different locations never touched the dish.
    Super frustrating
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