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Rumor: Sprint Working with Walmart on WiMax Build Out
I know this story was back on January 12th but i find this really interesting and exciting!:up
Rumor: Sprint Working with Walmart on WiMax Build Out | AndroidGuys

Here's a rumor that we'd like to see play out if only for curiosity's sake. According a tipster of ours, Sprint has been working with an unusual partner on a project to help build out their WiMax network. As we all know the carrier plans to release handsets later this year with WiMax capability. But what good are these cool if there's no network to support it? Enter that mysterious partner... Wal-Mart.


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May 22, 2004
I recently got the pleasure to speak with a sprint field tech. We chatted while he was transitioning some of our data circuits and he showed me similar info on his laptop of all the towers in his "area" that we're scheduled to be in place or upgraded to 4g coverage. What I didn't understand was all the locations in my county that showed 4g towers that didn't exist currently.

I asked him if this meant sprint was going to build alot of towers or lease alot. He said all he heard was it didn't really involve towers as we think of them today.

I don't know if walmart is really involved, but the ones we have around here already have decent towers on their property, for what I don't know really.

I'd like to see it happen, but then again, I don't have any 4g device and don't plan on one anytime soon.

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