Rumors and speculation of Clint Eastwood doing another 'Dirty Harry' movie (1 Viewer)


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Sep 12, 2003
Brielle, NJ
Yeah, but Clint is getting up there in age....

In my mind, "Dirty Harry" will refer to the contents of his Depends....

OK, I KNOW that was wrong, but felt compelled to say it for some reason....


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Apr 7, 2004
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Ugh! As much as love Clint Eastwood movies, I say do your magic from behind the camera or do your acting in age appropriate roles. Personally, I have no desire to see a Geritol swillin', Depends wearin' Clint Eastwood administer his brand of very, very slow motion and with frequent bathroom breaks.

Just say no to Dirty Old Harry...!protest


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Sep 9, 2003
Sorry, but he was too old when he did the "Dead Pool". I just remember watching the scene where he was jogging with his new young asian partner. Clint looks like he is taking his first jogging steps in 20 years, he is slow and sluggish. His partner chimes in [acting] out of breath, "Geeze Harry, How do you do it?, I can barely keep up".

It just looked so contrived it was humorous.

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