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VOOM HD Networks' Rush HD Broadens 2008 Programming Slate With New Original Series Featuring Mountaineer Joby Ogwyn

"JOBY OGWYN: THE ADVENTURIST", Featuring Epic Excursions from Around the World, Premieres April 2008
New York, NY - January 3, 2008 - VOOM HD Networks' Rush HD, the only HD channel devoted to action-adventure and gravity-defying sports, announced today the expansion of its 2008 programming slate with an all-new original series featuring renowned mountaineer, Joby Ogwyn. "JOBY OGWYN: THE ADVENTURIST" follows Ogwyn who, at age 24 became the youngest American to conquer Mount Everest, as he tests his physical and mental limits by performing a number of dangerous action sport adventures in some of the world's most spectacular and beautiful locales, from Edinburgh, Scotland to Yosemite Valley. The original series of 6 episodes will premiere in April 2008. Rush HD, well-known for its breathtaking high-definition documentaries and series, is one of the VOOM HD Networks, the world's largest and most diverse suite of high-definition channels.
"Rush HD continues to set itself apart with visually stunning adventure programs, and we are thrilled to be working with Joby to bring viewers to some of the most unique locations in the world, all beautifully shot in true high-def," said Mark DeAngelis, VP of Programming for RUSH HD. "Joby is a real adventurist who is willing to overcome his fears and take on any and all challenges. As a result, this new series will give our audience an adrenaline-filled viewing experience and a real appreciation for extreme action sports."
In each episode of "JOBY OGWYN: THE ADVENTURIST", viewers travel with Ogwyn to a new location, as he experiences some of the wildest and most action-packed athletic endeavors the world has to offer. Ogwyn will take on BASE jumping in California, Idaho and at "The Eiger" in Switzerland; compete in an urban adventure race know as "The Rat Race" in Edinburgh, Scotland; attempt to ride a bull in Cody, Wyoming; learn to wall climb in Yosemite Valley; drive a stock car and race in an actual sanctioned race in New Smyrna, Florida; and attempt a Class 5 whitewater descent by kayaking in Patagonia, Chile.
At each locale Ogywn will be paired with an expert who will guide and instruct him on how to perform these incredible and often dangerous action sports. In each case he will be challenged to master each skill-set in an incredibly brief amount of time, often just a few days. By spending quality time with his trainer, Ogwyn helps provide viewers with an appreciation for each sport, including the enormous risk taken by those who choose to perform such dare-defying activities on a regular basis. Through the use of true high-def, viewers will experience the adrenaline rush of each challenge and feel as if they are right by Ogwyn's side for his entire journey.
Ogwyn, currently 33, grew up in Louisiana and his worldly adventures began at age 15 when he drove with friends to Guatemala to explore ancient Mayan ruins and photograph the volcanoes of Central America. It was at this time that he was bit by the "adventuring bug" and tailored his life to exploration and adventure. When he summited Everest in 1999, he was the youngest American to ever scale its legendary routes; he's also the youngest mountaineer in history to ascend the Seven Summits (the highest peak on each continent). And, in 2005, Ogwyn made history by smashing the speed ascent record of an 8,000 meter peak: the Tibetan peak, Cho Oyo, demolishing the previous record by nearly 2.5 hours. As the first ever high-definition network devoted exclusively to action sports, RUSH HD offers the ultimate sensory experience, complete with thrills, chills and spine-tingling suspense. Viewers are invited to experience life on the edge, with original series, specials and coverage of action adventure sports ranging from surfing to snowboarding, mountain biking to kayaking.

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