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Oct 2, 2006
Hello - can I mix a Dish500 with the signal from an RV Kingdome for a 3 orbital reception ? What switch would I use ?

My goal is to have single satellite reception (probably 110) when using the Kingdome and then all three (110, 119. 129) with the addition of a remote dish.

Thanks in advance.

You would have to use all legacy switches and all legacy lnbf's. You could use a Dish500 with legacy twin and connect a legacy sw-21 switch connecting the dome up to get 129 on it. That would be the cheapest route to go and prevents you from having to mess with a Dish1000. You could also get three domes, one for 110, one for 119, and one for 129 if you really really wanted to and have a wire coming from each running into a legacy switch but I imagine the cost would not be to your liking. I am not sure if they make domes that can receive more than one satellite, to my knowledge they don't.
Thanks - 3 domes would not work for me but a DIsh 1000 could. I think this would mean that I still could not mix the Kindome with the Dish Pro equipment in a seamless manner - could I use an A/B switch for the selecting either the Dish 1000 or the Kingdome ? Any recommendations ?

Thanks again

You would just use a Dish 500 to pickup 110 and 119 and use the dome to pickup 129. If you do not have AT180 then you do not need 110 and you could use the Dish500 to pickup 119 and 129. 129 is not a spotbeam satellite so it should work in most of the U.S. A Dish1000 would pick all of the signals up. With an A/B switch the issue would be if it would be able to work with DishPro lnbf's and switches.

You cannot mix the dome with any DishPro lnbf or switch. The dome will work with any Dish Network receiver made. You can have a legacy Dish1000 by having a legacy twin and a legacy dual lnbf on it and connect them both together using an sw-21 switch. You might as well just setup a Dish500 with the legacy twin and connect the sw-21 switch in between the legacy twin on the Dish500 and the kingdome than to have a Dish1000 where you have to find three satellites if the kingdome is going to find the 129 satellite for you. It would make the dish install a little easier. If you had two kingdomes then you could hook them both up to an sw-21 switch to use both at the same time on a trip if you do not need/have the AT180 channels.

A check switch is required each time you change your configuration. If you go back out on the road and take the dish down then you might want to do another check switch unless you avoid going to those channels that you do not have hooked up to the satellite.
Thank you for the detailed explaination. One question though, what is the difference betwen a legacy and a DishPro lnbf ? How do I tell which one I have ?

I know that this thread is about the king dome, but when you are ready to upgrade, I would like to recommend the Winegard Trav'ler Dish 1000 Model:SK-1000.

It has three lnb's to pick up 110, 119, and 129 simultaneously and all you have to do to get it up and running is hit the power button when you arrive at your destination.
That's it, within minutes it will lock in to the satellites and you are ready to watch TV just like you could at home.

You pay for the programming, why not use it to the fullest extent at home and on the road. The price is not bad either.

Here is the link for more information.

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