S video. Will that bring both 110 and 119 at the same time?


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Dec 24, 2003
Bear with me here.
When I do a test on say 110, it is in the green and otay on the bottom. When I switch to 119, it goes in the red and says there is no signal. When I try and do a test it never comes up to the 1-38 numeric test. It just sits there and I have to pwr the rec down and back up.
I down loaded the new software last night and it did not help.
You should run a check switch test so the receiver can determine
what type of switch is inline. If you have another receiver you can try on same cable and it fails too, points to LNB or switch issue depending on what you have.

It makes no difference what type of display cable you are using, ie: s-video, rca, component.
cause I am a bonehead today. Sorry bout that.

Frustrated, tired and new to this forum.

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