SAB Android I HD Satellite Receiver

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Apr 1, 2014
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SAB Android I HD

This receiver came from across the Atlantic. Had wanted to purchase another Amiko A-3, but I believe due to marketing agreements between Amiko and their dealers, was unable to purchase an Amiko A-3. Was offered this and was told it was identical, so decided to give it a go.

As can be seen from the pictures below, it looks very much like the Amiko A-3. Once it gets acclimated to my indoor temperature, will play with it. One of the first things I am going to try is pairing it with an Amiko remote. That is after I make a backup or three of it before I start messing around.

Plan on doing a review as someone without an A-3 or A-3 experience, which may be flawed somewhat as I know how the Android box works from a user's perspective. Then may try some hacks from my A-3's backups.

Just thought some parties might be interested in seeing the photos below of the two units together. The pictures are not the greatest of quality, but will do.

Edit: Price was about $130 U.S. to the door. Will vary somewhat due to exchange rates.


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Yes, interested in what you discover. I bet it will take a back-up just fine from an Amiko A3.

I don't believe it is any more so than most of the other receivers we use, in fact might be a little less able to do it. It is the same box as the Amiko A-3, in fact using an Amiko remote to work it right now. Now, I might not know all I think I do.

SAB is a Dutch Company and here is a link to the Satellite Division:
All I can tell you is there are numerous websites featuring downloadable keys for that box and their only purpose is TOS. The fact that it's no worse than some others doesn't make it legal.
All I can tell you is there are numerous websites featuring downloadable keys for that box and their only purpose is TOS. The fact that it's no worse than some others doesn't make it legal.

I think the main issue is whether it comes from the factory with TOS software (like the Fr- er... "that which shall not be named") or has normal software but COULD be altered for hacking (pretty much every non-Geosat, non-Manhattan box). There are numerous sites that have hack software for my two receivers, but I just use the official, non-hack software and keep the dish parked on 125W.

From the stickied post
When it comes to the attention of the forum owner and moderators that specific equipment is enabled by the manufacturer and it comes pre-installed or distributed with firmware to receive programming that is not authorized, a decision must be made.

Of course, it's up to the moderators. It's always nice to see more receiver options available, but not if it puts the site at risk.
According to what I have is an Amiko A-3. So isn't it getting a bit 'long in the tooth' for the price today?

Conversion rates that I found put it more expensive than a LinkBox 9000i, even.

Googling yields few hits in English, so it might be hard getting answers to any questions you have. (Unless you can depend on Amiko A-3 forums)

I'd be curious to what it can do that other current boxes can not do.

At the least, it is another option in an ever shrinking FTA market. ;)
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It does not come with any software on it for TOS, that I have found. It has Conax installed, which from my searching is a firm helping providers keep their content secure. Now, can someone install what is needed for doing illicit things? Does appear that could be done, as can be done with any number of receivers.

Now, to take the position that it can be modified to accomplish something illicit, therefor it is illegal, would mean that smart phones (all makes) and computers would also be illegal. Ultimately, it is people (the users), not the hardware that turns something good into something bad.

Gee, 2.5 years old and long in the tooth? I guess me and my Windows 98se computers are just not with it. Seriously though, I was looking for another Amiko A-3 and as I stated in the opening post I believe marketing agreements prevent the Amiko products being sold out of licensed areas. The SAB was offered in lieu thereof and I decided to give it a whirl. As for default differences from the A-3, I see very, very, very little difference. I only see two apps that did not appear on my A-3, Aptoide and Conax.

If someone had wanted an A-3, but didn't get around to buying one before they disappeared in North America, this is a viable substitute. Will cover more in a more formal review.
Let's not go over board here guys. I am glad to see some of you guys are being extra careful, but EVERY STB out there can be loaded with hackware,some just harder than others. The recent concern was boxes that are shipped and able to hack right out of the box. This box is the same as the A3 just a different label put on it. If the firmware is the same as the A3 it is fine.

I only see two apps that did not appear on my A-3, Aptoide and Conax.
They were there in the original firmware, in fact they are on my A3, as I didn't run the "Eurotrash" fix. Some of the apps were removed that were no use to NA and others stuff would get removed with the silly name "eurotrash" fix.
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