same software, new weirdness -- anybody see anything like this?

Jim S.

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Jan 2, 2006
My H2 has been on version H206 since early June, but there's been some notable new flakiness this week.

I checked out the Olympic schedule app Thursday night, and through it, set up a timer to record the opening ceremonies from my local NBC channel Friday evening. Today I finally got around to trying to watch it. First, I saw that in the recordings list, it shows up as Wheel Of Fortune complete with the icon for that show. Wheel Of Fortune was on beforehand, and the recording started at 7:59 instead of 8:00, BUT, I've never seen it put the previous program's name and icon on a recording, although it HAS, for as long as I can remember, put it up in the info banner when you watch the recording.

Second, there were no details about the show on the right-hand side of the screen. Worse, any show I moved the highlight to AFTER that show also displayed no details. I rebooted the H2 and the same behavior happened again. All recordings displayed info until I went to that one, after that none of them did.

Third, I couldn't even play the recording! If I selected it, there were not only no details displayed, but also no Watch or Delete buttons. I was only able to delete it with the blue button.

Finally, I went to the On Demand system and searched for Olympics. Some of the top results that came up were from CALIFORNIA local stations. I'm in Pennsylvania. My locals still work, so why am I getting search results for California? Again, rebooting didn't fix it.

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