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Sep 7, 2003
I'm on 3rd Rant so far. The first two failed within 30 days, so they sent me new Rants. After a major software update, Rant #3 seems to be ok, but still messes up when online. It freezes up a lot and I get too many http errors. Oddest thing it does, when I go to a racing forum bookmark, it will either say the server is busy, or goes to, yet it shows the racing forum page with that address. Sprint must have an oversupply of Rants, since they seem happy to keep sending me new ones.


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Sep 20, 2007
My dad has one of those and he hasn't really had any issues with it. Then again, I doubt he's doing the same stuff with it that you are.


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Jul 20, 2005
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We have several dozen cell phones in our company, plus the GPS-cell connections in vehicles. All on [strike]Cingular[/strike] AT&T. We use simple phones, mostly Nokia & Motorola and previously avoided Samsung due to poor reception and poor reliability. However, they have improved, and some folks actually like the a237. Large numbers, loud enough. I bought one for my MiL.

Sprint/Nextel has some problems, but it seems your problem is the cell itself. Unless Sprint is sending out known defectives, just to clear out a repair backlog. Doubtful. If you leave Sprint, consider the iPhone.

Best of luck to you. I realize this is of limited use to you, but perhaps others reading here may find it of use.

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