Samsung TV Channel Auto Scan Issue

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  1. I have a Samsung TV auto scan issue. After the auto scan is complete the channels are stored. When I use the remote control channel up/down button it goes thru all the unsaved channels too instead of just going thru the saved channels. I am missing something setting up the saved channels. Can someone help me figure it out? Model UN40ES6100.
  3. Check if you have a "Channel Edit" choice in your scan screen. My LG tv has: "Auto Tuning", "Manual Tuning" and "Channel Edit". AFTER I run a scan, I have to go into "Channel Edit" CHECK any channels I don't want to keep, and hit a Red button on my remote that's labeled "Add/Delete", then exit out. After that channel up/down only goes through the channels I want.

    If all that above doesn't work:

    Try this, delete all your present scanned channels, then disconnect your antenna connection from the back of the tv. Run a scan without it, so it blanks out the channel matrix.

    After that, power-cycle the tv set, hook the coax back up, and scan and store your channels again.
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  4. Thanks, I will try out the clear the matrix method when I have a chance. I am not seeing anything of an edit choice. I have several other different brand TVs in my home and they all have some kinda of edit feature and easy to figure out. My two Samsung TVs are driving me crazy. There must be a way to do it because both Samsung TVs are the same way. I had it set one time when both TVs were brand new so I am missing something someplace.
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  6. Finally got both Samsung TVs done. What a nightmare. Why does Samsung make it so complicated! Thanks for all your help primestar31.
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  7. Yeah, I was reading the directions, and I was like "WTF, could they have possibly made it more convoluted?"
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  8. That's for sure. Got my two Hopper 3 install today. I am so excited. Thanks again.
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  9. I've got a Samsung TV, top of line soundbar and 4K blu-ray player, all come with some of the worst remotes I've ever seen. Finally said to hell with it and got a Logitech Harmony Elite and life just got much better.

    As to the channel scan issue, well for me it wasn't an issue since I can only get one OTA channel of interest with my indoor antenna anyway. :) I did read over the instructions and decided it wasn't worth horsing with, get the one channel and I'm done!
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  10. LOL, yep Samsung remote is horrible. I never use it anyway. I have two RF modulators on two HWS. I did have three and eliminated one of them which let to OTA re-scan and all the headaches.
  11. Has Harmony ever come up with discrete commands for input selection on that soundbar?
  12. In the device setting you can cycle through sources but I didn't see anything for selecting an individual source other than that. On mine I have CEC on in everything and it all cycles on and off as it should and select properly.
  13. I have a Blu-Ray and Apple TV attached directly to the soundbar. Either the soundbar doesn't have discretes or the Harmony doesn't know them. I so seldom watch the other sources I just use the Xfinity remote most of the time. I too use CEC and have no issues with it despite all the stuff I read online about it.
  14. On mine (the 950), I have the BR hooked to the soundbar, but my AppleTV and H3 are connected to the TV and I get sound via ARC. And since neither the H3 or ATV support sound codecs beyond 5.1 that works fine.
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