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Mar 16, 2004
San Francisco, CA
I broke a record last evening for most distant station received at my home in San Francisco. At 10:10 pm I received KSBY 6 - RF 15, a San Luis Obispo station that's 193 miles south south east from here! Prior to this KNVN 24, also RF 24, transmitting from the bluffs east of Red Bluff was my most distant station at 175 miles.

Now a lot of you might not be impressed by 193 mile reception, but for the West Coast that's a major achievement. We don't get skip out here and have to wait for tropo activity, which is rare.

The reception was with my Winegard 8200U antenna to my HD Home Run receiver.




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Oct 18, 2010
New Mexico
Nice catch, that is very impressive! Back when I was TV DXing in the 60s and 70s I never received a UHF station at that kind of distance.

I lived in the Oakland hills and had 10 element single channel yagis for channels 2, 6, 8, and 12, and a 7 ft dish for UHF (a Finco if I remember right). KSBY 6 was pretty solid all the time. Or I could swing the antenna toward Sacramento and get KVIE.

KSBY 6 - March 72.jpg
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Jan 23, 2005
Albuquerque, NM, USA
I remembered being at my my uncle's place at Elk Point Lake Tahoe NV back in good old day in the early 1980's!:) Boy I can pick up KCRA-TV rf ch 3 and a PBS station can't remember the call letter though.

Anyway, I do used to get the bay areas stations like KTVU, KGO, and many others.:bounce

Ahh, the good old days?:bow
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