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    Happy New year. I am happy to release the install package for Sat2IP for Windows!! This will allow you stream your Amiko STB with Big2Small server to a Windows system.

    Please follow these steps :

    1. Install
    2. Install SMplayer for Windows. (there is a 32 and 64 bit version)

    Make sure you know the IP address of your Amiko STB. I highly suggest you lock the IP address of your Amiko by assigning the Mac address to a set IP address for DHCP within your router. This way the IP address won't change on you.

    You wan to Launch Sat2IP. First time you load, you will need to enter the IP address of the Amiko. That will be remembered. It will populate the channels if it successfully found your Amiko. Make sure you Amiko is in Application menu because you cannot stream while you are watching TV.

    Suggestions :

    1. Within SMplayer, i suggest you turn off Mplayer crash log from within options/preferences/advanced.

    2. When you are done watching a stream, close SMplayer. Sat2IP will automatically detect you shutdown SMplayer and stop the stream. This way you don't have to worry about manually clicking the stop stream button on Sat2Ip.

    #3 Add the following to the SMplayer options/preferences/advanced 'Options for Mplayer' tab. Add the following Options line : -demuxer +lavf -nocorrect-pts -mc 1
    Without that option added, some channels may not play at all.

    If you have questions, please post them. Enjoy! I know i have been!!!

    Ps. Because this stream has no header information, it can take between 5-30 seconds for the video/audio to start. It depends on the channel and how often they are sending key information in the stream to decipher it. -- This does NOT include any time needed to move the dish.

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  3. I will add that I have been working with iBoston on this for the past couple of days and I too have been enjoying streaming live to my Windows Machine. This works great!
    Great job iBoston!
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  4. Thanks! I'm gonna give this a try as soon as I can get the wife off Facebook! Must... be... patient... or... :argue
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  5. Doubt that will ever happen! :sleepy :D
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  6. I booted into Windows 7. I installed SMPlayer and Sat2Ip with no errors. I ran Sat2Ip and entered the network address of my Amiko Mini HD SE. The program found it ok and retrieved the sat/channel list - ok so far. When I select a channel to play, I get this error. Gives it for any channel I try to play. Any idea what's wrong? :( Sat2IpScreenCap.png
  7. Did you have SMPlayer already running or did Sat2IP start it for you?
  8. Tried both ways. If not already running then SMPlayer doesn't open and I get the error. If SMPlayer is already running, I get the same error.
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    Is there an additional component, requirement or something needed in the package? When I was a VB programmer I always included the obvious controls and components, but sometimes I would miss something almost trivial. I would find out some computers didn't have something mine had.
  10. Also, figured I'd give it a try in Linux. I was running Windows XP 32 bit under Oracle VM Virtualbox. Not sure but it looks like things got further (I see a green box appear in the Sat2Ip program that says STREAMING) but no audio/video though and ends with SMPlayer error.

    Log shows:
    C:/Program Files/SMPlayer/mplayer/mplayer.exe -noquiet -slave -identify -nofs -sub-fuzziness 1 -vo directx, -priority abovenormal -nodr -double -nomouseinput -nokeepaspect -wid 66046 -colorkey 0x020202 -monitorpixelaspect 1 -subfont-osd-scale 3 -ass -embeddedfonts -ass-line-spacing 0 -ass-font-scale 1 -noflip-hebrew -ass-styles C:/Documents and Settings/SystemAdmin/.smplayer/styles.ass -subcp ISO-8859-1 -subpos 100 -volume 50 -cache 2048 -osdlevel 0 -prefer-ipv4 -vf-add screenshot -noslices -channels 2 -af-add scaletempo -af-add equalizer=0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0 -softvol -softvol-max 110 -demuxer

    Error parsing option on the command line: -demuxer
    MPlayer Redxii-SVN-r37328-4.9.2 (i686) (C) 2000-2014 MPlayer Team
    FFmpeg version: N-67926-g4e9745f
    Build date: 2014-11-23 17:46:49 EST
    Setting process priority: abovenormal
  11. It didn't have me watching the thread, so i got no notifications. I suspect i am missing a component in the package like fred555 said. I'll message you. As for the second error, that is a problem with SMplayer. See if you can play any particular video with the SMplayer in the linux virtual box.
  12. -demux
    should be
    -demux mpegts

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    the -demux mpegts does NOT work on all channels. So far the lavf seems to work for everything although sometimes channels will take a little longer to start. Yes, the mpegts works for many, but, for example the channel on KU121 (yes, cryptic) and RetroTVEast@87 will NOT play with mpegts.

    I am going to see if i can call the demux in the command line of SMplayer. I put the options line into the call for SMplayer and it did not work, so many i need to specify different. Then by the information i get from Amiko, i might be able to choose the best codec on a channel by channel basis, but like i said, so far, every channel i have tried thus far works with the lavf demux
  14. FTA4PA is working now. We worked out his issues and i made a change to the program.
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  15. true it doesnt work for all. but not having it also doesnt work for all.... for example ABC 12010 V 11575 91w has two different PMT's on the same PID. have you tried mpv ? it'll play this tp. It wont switch between PMT's but I doubt there are many apps or STB's that will on this tp.

    hint hint, will the Amiko ?

  16. Great work iBoston - very happy with this. Thanks and hats off to you :hatsoff for sharing your talent with us on Satellite Guys (and thanks for your help). I have successfully streamed at least 7 or 8 channels to the PC. :whooNow I can watch FTA when it conflicts with the wife's OTA programming! :)
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    In case anyone wants to see the original thread where several of us SatGuy's did the initial research for this project, here is a link to it:

    And here is an earlier one, but we got booted from it for being 'off topic'. We truly were :biggrin2 -

    2015 will be a very good year for Amiko owners. What other platforms would you like to have similar capability on, or are most of you Windows users?
  18. I think you just answered a longstanding question of mine. The Amiko Alien series will all play both channels in that mux, but none of them will stream the second channel, only the first one. Or at least I thought they weren't streaming them, but maybe it's the client instead.
  19. yeah, mplayer (mplayer2 and smplayer included), mpv and vlc wont play the second mux.

    mpv will play either mux if only that one mux is sent, you send both and it picks the first PMT it see's.

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    Perhaps an option could be added for the user to select between smplayer and mpv? Or to be very user friendly it could try to detect the optimal player on its own. To do that it would need to take a quick preliminary sample of the stream.
  21. Excellent work, iBoston!

    You might be interested to know that since you made corrections to fix the run-time error FTA4PA was having, the program now works with the X2 Premium III receiver as well. That box comes with the Big2Small server and has the same chipset as the Amiko Mini HD SE, so I had been anticipating compatibility with your program.
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