Help with arduino diseqc decoder

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Mar 13, 2019
I build this project:
Arduino DiSEqC Decoder

But it is not working correctly. In the serial monitor the diseqc commands are not seen in this format: E0 XX XX XX
When I send a Goto X from the receiver on the arduino serial monitor, it looks something like: 08 XX XX XX. randomly the digits change every time I send the same command.

Then attach a screenshot.
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That mainly was an experimental project that I have not had time to get back to. I found that some receivers the voltage was too low so I would get garbage. Well at least too low for this circuit. I never got back to it to improve upon it. The software seems to be fine if you get the signal right. I experimented with other circuits and some better than others.
Go here for all the official documentation:

If you devise a better circuit please feel free to share.
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Try and match your R3 and R4 resistance values as close as possible, within 1%. High quality components a plus for this project I think. ;)
when assembling the circuit it did not have resistances of 1 Mohm then in R3 place several in series. I think it turned out around 150 Kohm and the first command that it sent with the receiver worked fine but the following commands were no longer correct. Now assemble everything as shown in the diagram with the 2 resistances of 1 Mohm but all the commands are corrupt.

in this diagram, how important is the value for C5?
ok, in addition to 0.022uf test with 0.1uf and diseqc commands change but still incorrect
Here is a Goto 19 command:


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