Sat2IP for Windows -- Stream from your Amiko Mini HD SE to Windows

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  1. Yes, I will do but after one-two weeks because the equipment goes to another place. When will be back!
  3. Dear iBoston,
    I have a question to you but because this is not very related to this tjhread, I kindly ask you to give me ( via PM ) your email address in order to send you the question there.
    To get an idea, I am looking for a solution like yours ( your app actually ) such as to get the AMIKO streaming at a Raspberry Pi 3 SBC instead of Windows computer. I know that SMPlayer is running without any problem to RPi3 ( Linux ARM ) but your app must be "converted" to run as Linux ARM RPi3 executive. For more details I prefer email...

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Mike Kranidis
  4. You can pm me on this system.
  5. Sorry I can not find the way to sent PM in this forum. Can you show me the way?

  6. Click the avatar of the member you want to contact then click Start a Conversation. :)
  7. Thanks a lot Sir for point me to the right direction. I will do this right now!
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  8. you have done it well:

    From decompiled g-mscreen we see this code:
        public static String GetSatSubStringByPrgoramId(String ProgramId) {
            if (IsProgramIdValid(ProgramId)) {
                return ProgramId.substring(0, 4);
            return "";
        public static boolean IsProgramIdValid(String ProgramId) {
            if (ProgramId.length() != 14) {
                return false;
            return true;
        public static String GetTpSubStringByPrgoramId(String ProgramId) {
            if (IsProgramIdValid(ProgramId)) {
                return ProgramId.substring(4, 9);
            return "";
        public static String GetSatTpSubStringByPrgoramId(String ProgramId) {
            if (IsProgramIdValid(ProgramId)) {
                return ProgramId.substring(0, 9);
            return "";
        public static String GetProgSubStringByPrgoramId(String ProgramId) {
            if (IsProgramIdValid(ProgramId)) {
                return ProgramId.substring(9, 14);
            return "";
    you have got program id now you can use it to get satid , tpid and ...

    by the way i have played the video on my vlc and smplyayer too,

    i was searching for
    1: channel change (chanel info) my cgi output is scrambled like yours
    2: it was amazing for me that besid port 554 and unicast method we can play just using port 8080 and adding request like this:
    3: i was not able to play scrambled channels ($ channels) although i passed camode=1

    if anyone has answer please send me,
  9. Does this work on the Mini RE? I get nothing but a blank screen in the player. The Android app works, at least for some channels. (Yes, I've tried channels that work on Android in Sat2IP.)
  10. You know, to be honest, I have never tried it on the RE.
  11. It does!. Well, it worked on my old Windows 7 64bit machine. I have since then converted that box to Linux so I don't have the details in front of me. But I had followed the instructions in this thread. That was just a few months ago. I was even able to watch a 4:2:2 feed from Radio-Canada (CBC in French), on 107W in Ku.

    The only problem I had was that after changing channels a few times, some buffer on the Amiko would get messy and the solution was to restart the Amiko. Also some channels were glitchy, but i don't remember which.

    Actually it streams the entire transponder, so I was able to get 2 channels from the same MUX at the same time, one on the PC and one on the tablet (I think I tried that with CCTV/CGTN on 95W Ku).
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  12. Thanks for info and confirmation Brct203.
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  13. I'm glad to see they kept that feature in the new receiver..

    Ps, from memory, i remember someone had an issue with it and it turned out they needed the right version of SMplayer. Look at which version of SMplayer works near the beginning of this thread.
  14. I downloaded SMplayer from the link at the beginning of the thread, but I'll have to check later whether it was the same version or a newer one.
  15. Right I think I remember now that it didn't work with the current version of SMPlayer but it did with a slightly older one. Not 100% certain though.
  16. Downgraded to version 14.9.0 and still getting no audio or video but no errors...
  17. Did you set the settings in SMplayer like it walks you through?
  18. I was using Sat2IP version 1.3.35 and SMPlayer
  19. The -demuxer +lavf -nocorrect-pts -mc 1, or something else?

    I remember way back when I was downloading all my video files from Usenet over a dialup connection, mplayer would play all sorts of broken files with no messing around at all...
  20. Well, I finally had time to play, and got it working. It turns out that even though I entered the -demuxer +lavf -nocorrect-pts -mc 1 line into the Options->Preferences->Advanced->Options for MPlayer screen, I had to go into Options->View Info and Properties->Demuxer and select lavf there. I have no idea why it wasn't inheriting the global settings, but it seems to remember it now.
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  21. Is this with the latest SMplayer, or an Archived one?
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