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Jan 12, 2007
can I use a dish Network dish with a directv receiver? Or vice versa?

The same question for the LNB's.

This would be Hi Def dishes and receivers.
No for receivers. Some of the D* LNBs can be used with Dish Network, but they are "legacy"
You can also you old legacy Dishnet LNB's for Directv.
What are you trying to accomplish and we can give you a better answer.
Definitely NO for HDTV Directv uses a SAT C LNB for 110 that downconverts the satellite to appear on unused 119 channels and no DISH LNB is capable of replacing this.
Dish Legacy LNBs for 61.5/110/119/148 and DirecTV 101/119 LNBs are compatible. A Dish is a dish so they are compatible though the mounting brackets for the LNB may require some modification.

But if you let us know exactly what you are trying to do it would help us help you.


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