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Oct 25, 2010
I am serving with the army in a remote base in south-eastern afghanistan and i'm lucky to currently have some kind of internet access at all, but the problem is we have 4 computers for 100 users at this place and a 30 min time limit and no privacy in the computer lab. The plan is to get a get satellite internet from a hughes net or something like that and split the expensive monthly costs between myself and 5 other guys and if it works, hook up the others in the base with their own satellite. Since we don't have a reliable phone out here, i thought i would ask my fellow techies for their advice. Hughesnet emailed me and said they do provide service out here, but also said it would be $600 + $600 for equipment and shipping. I hope i can get a better deal than that to own my own equipment and since I'm only out here for 10 more months, i need to be on a month-to-month deal instead of a contract. Please help me and my friends out guys. :)


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Aug 21, 2008
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HughesNet equipment from the states (HN-series) is only configured to work with North American satellite coverage, so it wouldn't do you any good over there anyway. If you want to stick with Hughes hardware, it's their HX-series that works over there. So check out Free Satellite Internet Afghanistan | Hughes Internet Services in Afghanistan | Wafa MWR . With their HX Business 1000 plan (and higher), hardware and shipping are free. Installation is do-it-yourself. The B1000 is an 8 user system with a 99GB download limit for $815/month. Get 2-3 more guys and you're lookin' at right around or under $100 bucks each.

Alternatively, canvass other units. There are a lot of used HX and similar systems already in use over there - systems that come available as owners rotate back stateside.

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