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Oct 27, 2004
I produce a weekly news/talk show that airs on cable stations in Illinois. We're going to try something new on one of our next shows. We're going to be downlinking and participating in a satellite interview with Brooke Anderson. She is a former CNN/FOX News reporter and she is talking about holiday traditions.

I'm letting you all know in case you think it might be fun to downlink this. You'll be able to hear Brooke talk to TV stations throughout the country. The reporter for my talk show is Stephanie from Peoria, IL...

I don't have the coordinants yet, but it will be an Analog KU downlink. Our scheduled interview is on Tuesday, November 14 at 9:25am Eastern. I'll let you know when I have the coordinants.

If you have any questions, let me know!

P.S. - Delete this or move to the WUT forum if this is out of place. Thanks
If you are producing it and its on an analog channel I don't see a problem with posting here. If there is it will be moved :) Thanks for the heads up.
Here is the info if anyone in interested. I produce a program called NewsMis Illinos and tomorrow my anchor, Stephanie, will interview Brooke Alexander about new and old traditions of the holiday season. Brooke is live in NY via satellite. We will interview her at 9:25am ET.

The satellite media tour will be located at:
Date: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2006
Satellite: AMC 2
Transponder: 6 (KU-Band)
D/L Frequency: 11820 HORIZONTAL
Orbital Position: 85 DEGREES WEST
Eastern Time: 9:25-9:30AM
Anyone watch it?

We did the interview this morning for our weekly news/talk show that airs in Illinois on cable. I'll try to post a video sometime so you guys can see. The satellite signal was really crappy with our 76cm ku dish, but it will have to work.
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