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Prehistoric Satellite Guru
Supporting Founder
Jun 4, 2004
Montfort, Wisconsin
Not exactly a consumer-friendly set of Acronyms.
But I guess that consumer C-band must be invisible to the Intelsat people.
How many American receivers can program both a "G" and a 2-digit number?

How many changes can we endure at the 97 West position?
Telstar 301
Telstar 401
Telstar 5
Intelsat Americas 5
and's Galaxy 25.

Arabsat 2C over the Middle East will now be known as Intelsat 5.

It may be logical to Intelsat, but I for one am sick of memorizing new names that seem to change with the seasons and ownership.

No Strings

SatelliteGuys Pro
Sep 17, 2005
Mitchell, South Dakota
The .pdf keept locking me up....


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SatelliteGuys Guru
Oct 28, 2005
I gave up on the names long ago. I can't make any changes on the 4DTV 922 but both of my FTA receivers allowed me to rename to just the degree slots and band (ie 123K, 123C, etc.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Aug 13, 2004
Color coding

Perhaps it would it help if the new owners used color coding when they get around to repainting the satellites.

"Locate the green-and-yellow striped satellite, yeah, that's it, squint hard, you'll see it... Now point your dish at it." What could be easier than that?


SatelliteGuys Pro
Feb 27, 2005
Columbus, OHIO
Well, that is not good... We get a huge amount of tech support calls when names of satellites change. People get confused (rightly so) about which satellite is which.

Also, we will have to revise all of our Tech support documents, web pages, etc to reflect the new name.

97W we will start refering to it as Galaxy 25 (G25) (aka IA5/Telstar 5) or something like that. :mad:


SatelliteGuys Pro
Jan 10, 2006
Fairfield, Cali
If one company is buying the other, I was thinking there could be a chance some customers would move (for business reasons, not technical).

For "Business reasons" is a cost factor..For "Technical reasons" would be more viable if the need is there...Remember, excluding DTH Sat programs and Internet/Data distribution for "consumers", etc....the sigs on Domsat birds are not primarily for "consumers" to follow as the whining is noted from the begining of this thread.....:rolleyes:

Mr Tony

SatelliteGuys Pro
Supporting Founder
Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN
oh boy...this will make it harder with older recievers

Heck, I got people calling IA8 T4 (since their box shows that)


SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 18, 2006
Maybe posting this to the faq somewhere might be a good idea, and/or doing some sort of a chart that goes like

Telstar 4 --->IA8--->whatever's next...

Maybe even post a link to that old huge chart that shows where all the birds in the world are... it's a pdf from Boeing in some of the threads somewhere... and optionally, link to Mike's chart and/or Lyngsat.

There's another chart somewhere that I don't have the link too... that I found on another site many moons ago that shows just the stuff over the US and has the KU in green and the DBS in Red.
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