SBC/DISH Official Announcement

Blah blah, this is nothing more than a very expensive retailer license. If it was true bundling then existing Dish customers could get a discount too. This promotional discount would be the same as if when they created their solutions packages, you wouldn't get the discount if you already had call-waiting. It would be that only subscribers who didn't have any of those services yet signed up for the solutions package. THIS ISN'T TRUE SYNERGY.
In the announcement they mention new receivers that are being developed that will make use of broadband and home networking. Will those features be available to those of us who live outside of an area served by SBC for DSL and landline service? I remember when these kinds of questions came up at the time the 721 was introduced and IIRC Dish pretty much came out and said if you don't have our branded DSL service you were out of luck.

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