Scary Movie 3 sucks!!! SPOILERS (1 Viewer)

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Sep 8, 2003
I just came from the theater after watching SM3. Yeah, movies here start on Thursday!!.

The movie is a mix of the Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Signs, The Ring and 8 mile. I have to say that I laughed just a few times during the movie. The movie just stunk. It was just not SM1&2. It was missing something. I spent the whole time there expecting for something good to happen but all the comedy sketches were just not funny. I was highly offended when the US president was on an award ceremony and they destroyed a picture of Mother Teresa. The beatification of Mother Teresa was just this past Sunday!!! And I just didn't like the part where they mocking the movie Signs. They were joking about the accident of the reverend wife where she died. And I think it was just wrong to mock those people who die in fatal accidents like they did.

The best part was Jacko cameo.


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Sep 7, 2003
well, what SC3 is missing is the comic sensibility of keenan ivory wayans, for starters....

however, you WOULD think that it's not THAT hard to make a movie that basically goofs on other films...
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