Scott, Get rid of the Arcade

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Sorry Claude, the arcade is here to stay. :)

Infact the arcade is so popular we will be expanding it in the near future to offer multi player games! Imagine playing poker (and other games) against other members at the same time!

Stay Tuned!!
Ooooh. Texas Hold 'Em. please.

Damn Travel Channel, ESPN, and Bravo. Now I'm hooked on the damn game
I know, If flip through the TV and see poker, I stop flipping. :D Love those poker shows. I like the one on the travel channel the best.
Scott Greczkowski said:
I know, If flip through the TV and see poker, I stop flipping. :D Love those poker shows. I like the one on the travel channel the best.

I am THIS close to heading for Of course, I'll be in the poorhouse within a week, so I am resisting for now.....
Yes, those poker shows are great. Those online poker sites are probably lvoing business now, with all those people joining and putting money in.

Although I will say, the current video poker game you have is pretty darn nice. Put too much time playing it, but finally got the top score back. On my first hand of the day no less.
My wife and I were going to go to the Casino this weekend, but we decided to decorate the babys room instead. :)

I still want to go. I keep hearing the casino sounds in my head.
Can't wait until the multi-player games come about. Will it be possible with all the games or just some of them?
The Multiplayer games are still a few months away unfortunately.

The current games will not be multiplayer however there may be games that are multiplayer which look just like our existing games. :)

Because we are on our own dedicated server I will be able to run the multiplayer" backend that is required. Soon playing games at SatelliteGuys could be like playing the games found at Yahoo or Pogo. :)

Stay Tuned!
That is what I was hoping for. It would be a nice if there was a games room where the people that are wanting to play games and are currently play games could meet in there to play against each other, and perhaps have in parenthesis next to their screen name the game that they are wanting to play.
There are a few games I have looked at which are Multiplayer, they include BINGO, Poker, Craps and Blackjack.

Each game costs about $50 a month to licence and thats to allow 10 people to play at the same time.

I am also in talks with some big flash games makers to make custom SatelliteGuys.US versions of their games. :) The big hold up is interfacing the games with our arcade software, they want me to use their own scoreboard software, which I DONT want. :)

More to come!
Scott, could you get a billiard game, kinda like what has?
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