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Sep 7, 2003
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We are happy to announce that we have received a huge shipment of 921's!

We will be able to fill our entire Pre Order List, and also start shipping to those waiting on our pre order list!

For those of you on our Pre Order List your 921 will be billed to your credit card on file and will be shipped via the method you selected origionally. Please call us ASAP at (303) 365-6006 to make any corrections.

For those of you on our 921 Waiting List we will be calling and emailing you to obtain your billing and shipping information. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL US TO ASK WHERE YOU ARE ON THE LIST. We are working hard to fill all orders as quickly as possible.

The cost of the 921 from DISHSTORE.NET is $989 plus shipping.

Any updates will be posted here to SatelliteGuys.US so stay tuned!

I'm pretty sure I pre-ordered a 921. (My old PC died, so I don't have the confirmation email). I haven't seen a charge show up on my credit card (they post nightly).

I'm not asking about my position in line, etc. However, would you post when you have completed shipping the pre-orders?

How is the 921 shipping going?. I assume that I am to far down on the 'waiting list' as I have not heard anything yet. (waiting list 10/11/03)
Waiting for your call and email. I was on the list 10/17/03. Hope thats not to far back.
Scott Greczkowski said:
We are happy to announce that we have received a huge shipment of 921's!


Can you tell us what a "huge" shipment of 921's is?

Just curious about the supply since its been so tight.
Scott mentioned in his chat today that he had gotton 24 (pretty sure that was the number) in so far.
markdl said:
Scott mentioned in his chat today that he had gotton 24 (pretty sure that was the number) in so far.

I imagine that is close, however, I've been on the list since 9/30, and I believe I was #23, and I have not received the call yet. Plus, there were probably a few people that cancelled from the list, etc..
Scott, please remove me from the mailing list. Richard King helped get me one quick, so I don't need one now.......
Ok just sent out another batch of emails. :) Congrats to those lucky folks.

We have more 921's schedules for delivery this week. So if you have not heard anything yet stay tuned.

If you PREORDERED a 921 from SatelliteGuysStore.COM/DISHStore.NET and have not heard anything please send me a copy of your Order Proccess email you received after ordering your 921 from the store. As I believe we have filled all PRE ORDERS.

(Note PRE ORDERS are seperate from the WAITING LIST - Pre Orders have been filled we are now filling orders for people on the waiting list. PLEASE DO NOT email, call or PM to ask where you are on the waiting list as that number will change as people get their order filled or drop off the list.)


As far as Im aware, the pre-orders are all filled, the call in Pre-orders are filled that have been sitting on my desk and we are just starting to really dig into the waiting list.

I got about 7 more 921's coming in on Monday with a pallet of 24 following later on in the week.

One thing I will say about the waiting list is that when we get your order in, we'll E-mail you and follow up with a phone call. If we don't hear from you within 24 hours, then we'll go to the next person in line. However we'll still hold your spot, you'll simply be first on the next order as soon as it comes in.

The 921's have really become a cashflow issue. We got over $30,000 tied up in 921's right now. This is one of the reasons why we are holding units 24 hours is because of the amount of time it takes from the time we charge the customers credit card for the funds to settle in our bank account. From there, its takes another day to make a trip to the bank to get a certified check to pay for the next order.
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