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Apr 2, 2004
I got high score in poker today with 880 and it does not show up! It says in todays high scores but it's not even in the high score list of the game!
In poker make sure you do not click "submit scores" if you are in the bonus round or your score is never submitted. Its a bug in the game.
I just got done with a 2160 in Starry Night and it's stuck on "Reading Highscores"

Its 12:35am EDT.

I really worked hard on this game and do not want to lose my score. I hit submit right after it tallied up my score.
Unfortunately the games are out of my control. Most games run great! Some work flawlessly 99% of the time and then mess up 1% of the time and that 1% of the time is when it submits the scores.

The games are not written by myself nor the person who makes the arcade software.

I have no way of changing the scores or adding your score if the system screws up, my only choice when I get reports of games screwing up is to remove those games.

I do feel bad when some says their High Score does not stick, but it is really out of my hands.

Please report the bugs to me and I will report them to the arcade people who can hopefully fix the problems. Include as many details as you can such as the level number you were on and any other details.


Same thing just happened again. I finished with the same score as last time (ironically), but it is sitting there on "Reading Highscores..."

There has to be a major bug with this game if you finish all the way through. I am NOT HAPPY about this. To me when I do good, and get the high score of the game, and it acts up like this, it was a waste of time. This needs to be fixed....

Edit: finally got a high score submitted but I had to intentionally lose at the end before it finished in order to do it. If you try to finish this game through, it will crap out at the Reading Highscores... page.
Something weird happened with the high scores on Asteroids last night.
Played a lousy game, and put :0 as a comment by accident. After I submitted the comment, it was placed in the previous high score from a few weeks ago! Also, all of the other top 10 comments were errased.
There is something weird going on
And looking at the top 10, most of the old top 10, except the top score, have been erased.
Maybe the comments were not errased, but the old scores were removed and the new comment was placed in the #1 spot.
(don't you love stream of consciousness posts)
All of the top 10 were erased, and my new lousy game became #1, with the stupid comment, but the score was wrong! It picked up the old #1 score and put it in the game I played last night.

Anyway, something weird happened
look at the peguin bashing high score on arcade page #4 then click to view high scores - it shows different people with high score
The problem is with a new piece of experimantal code which is only supposed to show 1 high score per person per game (so instead of seeing John Walsh with 6 scores in the top 10, you only see his top score)

I have just disabled that code as it does not appear to work correctly.

I have also removed Stary Nights due to the bug submission problem.

Some good news is there is some new code that just came out which keeps the all time high score for all games even when scores are reset. :) I will put this code in on Monday along with a bunch of new games. (I am away for the weekend) :D
Any chance that high scores also could look at the time in case of identical scores? Some games have a maximum high score, Cricket for instance, that multiple people can reach but only 1 has the "highest" score.

I finished Cricket in less time, but yet I have no possibility to get 1st, or even tie for 1st. My name shows up as the champion on the menu, but looking at the high score list show's I'm 2nd and I don't get a credit on the marquee for my posts.

Edit: Forget that last paragraph...I guess I do get credit on my marquee and if I just have to live with being tied for 1st but being labeled 2nd, oh well. That's the price of fame I guess.

Also, do you want to know about games that are "cheatable"?
cdru said:
Also, do you want to know about games that are "cheatable"?

I would, but not to cheat. I have wondered about some of the games, if the scores are legit.
I know! It's hard enough gettig 13!. There is a sweet spot, and I've hit it a couple of times, but my lousy shaky hands nudge the mouse after 3 or 4 bounces.

I have a feeling someone has found the sweet spot then froze the mouse movement some way so it will constantly run.

Anyway.. I still like seeing someone beat the 'real' high score and welcome the challenge.
Again Funky Pong has a secret spot where if you hit it correctly it will bounce there all day long. I know this because it happened to me before. :)

Certain games like Spank the Monkey you can cheat on, if you right click on the mouse button, however a new version is coming which prevent people for doing that. :D
Several games also can be "slowed" down so that they either don't move or move very slowly, although they still register mouse clicks.
Neutron said:
How can you slow them?
Very old games never took into account faster processors. When you play them, they move incredibly fast as they were set to run at a . The opposite is true as well. Games typically are set to run at a set pace. The program is coded so that if it can't keep that pace, it starts to drop frames so that the player doesn't feel like he's going in slow motion. If the game does have the capability to drop frames while keeping the game play in real time, it "slows" down. Play one of the flash games with a P200 with a few things running in the back ground and things go slow. Hopefully not to many people are still running P200s, but the same thing can happen with faster computers that are bogged down.
Scott Greczkowski said:
Again Funky Pong has a secret spot where if you hit it correctly it will bounce there all day long. I know this because it happened to me before. :)
Funky Pong should be removed. It's very easy to get any score I want on the game. If I click "Go" carefully without moving the mouse, it stays right in the center of the paddle forever, as long as I don't touch the mouse. VideoFx must have noticed the same thing, because as soon as I get a high score on it, he beats me. :)
Yup that's the trick. I guess it comes down to how bad you want your name on the leader board and how much time you want to waste. :)
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