screen saver for hopper 3?

steve chase

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Mar 14, 2008
How can I get my hopper 3 with the latest software to show a screen saver image after pausing for 10 minutes
My uncle pauses FOREVER, and it's a bad idea. What I do is just press record if it is LIVE TV and turn the channel if I don't want to see spoilers while I need to do something else or for watching a DVR recording, after pausing, I just dump out of it and into LIVE TV and then I am done with whatever, I just press the RECALL button, and the DVR recording I was watching will appear pretty much from where I left off, I always skip back like 30 seconds to account for the now INEXACT place it bookmarks.

What you are asking for does not exist.
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Local Channels out

How does Dish TV determine when not to record a rerun?