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Jun 25, 2009
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Have a new Hopper w/sling and they updated the old UI on this one. I can't find any way to set filters when searching that were in the old version. Things like "HD or standard" "ratings" etc.

There were a lot of ways to customize searches on the old UI so you would get say only movies that are free to you that are horror movies in HD that are rated R or higher, etc.

So far, all I can do in the new version is search by title.


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Jul 20, 2005
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Not only that, CUI will turn your dairy products rancid!

I do SO feel better, not having sat radio. When I had it, too many repeats. Pandora repeats, but I can just shift to a myriad of comedy channels, and music channels, etc, that have more of my interest than SiriusXM channels.

I dare say I have fewer dropouts now- presumably because Pandora buffers more than SiriusXM. Just one stretch of I-66 west. And at the rate of growth out there, they'll probably put up a few more cell towers.

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