Season 6:episode 7-Dr.Linus thoughts/discussions


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Jul 21, 2004
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Ben centric episode for this tuesday! previews make you believe Ben dies (which we know probably wont happen as They never go by the previews)
So Jack finds faith, Richard re-discovers it, and Ben is born again?

I really thought a sniper was going to pop out at the end there...

Indeed. For some reason I got it stuck in my head they were saying "meet" instead of "face". I must be getting a little rusty at Lost. :rolleyes:

No problem. They were definitely implying that he would die, but the choice of words were a way they can say "we didn't lie". It's all about ratings. LOL
I wonder if he really has had a change of heart and will be a good guy now?

Did you catch the Elba reference? Emporer of a useless island?
I might be grasping at straws here. Sayid tried to kill flocke, kinda like that name :D, and failed. Ben killed Jacob and succeeded. Could it be that Ben is the only one that can kill flocke?

Could be that his "demise" was to join up with flocke and thus cause the demise of the island and possibly the world. Since he chose to stay at the beach, maybe allowed is a better word, he could very well be the salvation of everyone.