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Jan 7, 2007
I've pretty much finished with the primary setup (dish, motor, and receiver). All available sat's locked in with the receiver moving the dish via USALS. The LNBF I'm using (QPH 31) has another circular output and another linear output which I would like to connect to another receiver (the primary will move the dish). This second receiver is a Pansat 6000hxc. Questions follow:

1. Is it possible to connect these two output to another DISEqC switch so only a single run is necessary into the house (connection to "1 IF in" on the pansat)?

2. If this is possible, should LNB power be set to "ON or OFF"?

3. If a DISEqC switch is not possible and two runs are necessary (circular to "1 IF in" and linear to "2 IF in"), again should LNB power be set to "ON or OFF"?



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Aug 20, 2006
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#1 yes a second DISEqC switch can be used (skip the motor this time)
#2 yes lnb power on

you can also use (if the primary receiver has it) LOOP Out to second receiver

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Nov 17, 2003
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LNB power should always be on. Even if you loop out to another reciever, I still leave the LNB power on.

But yeah you could combine the circular/linear together with a diseqc switch to another box
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