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Nov 26, 2004
Palm derset, Ca.
Since I am in an area, where I have lost my BEV service, I need to replace it. But have never tried a self umstallation.

All the wires are in place, so I just need to replace the dish, and of course a different reciever. I understand azmith and elevation; but don't understand "skew" ( sp?). Any help out there? :confused:
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Joe Diamond

SatelliteGuys Pro
May 3, 2004

Skew is just an adjustment tilting the dish to accomodate the satellites positions regarding the curvature of the earth. If you see that az and el will give you a LOS (line of sight) to one satellite then you can see how two or more locks would be possible if the satellites are close and the dish / LNB can sort the signals.

All skew is is a tilt cabability built into the dish to allow a specific angle to be dialed in to allow a better hit of this group of satellites, parked at different distances but on the same plane. Skew is specific to the long & lat of the dish as is az & el.

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