Selling IRDs on Ebay ... what info will help me sell

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May 11, 2004
I know that I will get blasted for this question because satellite theft is a crime. Let me state up front that I do not approve of such actions. However, I don't have an ethical problem with selling old IRDs on ebay because I can't assume that someone buying the equipment is going to use the equipment illegally. I've purchased some equipment myself off of ebay for legitimate use.

On the other hand, I know that certain IRDs (like my old 2800 and 3800 now that I've got newer equipment) tend to sell for a high amount because some individuals buy them hoping to hack the boxes.

So, my question is this ... what information about the IRD/smartcard should I provide to potential buyers to maximize the sale price?

For example, some ebay sellers include a rev number. What is that number? Would certain numbers increase potential market? Would certain smartcards be viewed as good or bad?

Ideally, I would like a list of characteristics of receivers that would increase and or decrease the perceived value of the equipment so that I can be sure to list all the characteristics of mine that will increase the perceived value and not list all the characteristics that will decrease the perceived value.

Okay, now procede to hammer me or offer information.


I'm sorry but this type of post is not allowed. Selling to a pirate only encourages the theft of satellite programming. Pirating of signals is not allowed or encouraged here....Thread locked
don't post the card numbers in ebay. if they need that info they will contact you. Ebay has been know to come down on sellers that "appear" to be hackers, so just give the general info and wait. Post a pic of your ird, remote, card and any thing else that comes with the receiver. A pic speaks a thousand words.
Please reply by conversation.

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