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Sep 9, 2003
I have two locations (normal residence and work residence) and have two Dish setups. All of my receivers are on one account and phone number. Which service address can be used in order to qualify for network channels? Either or my permanent residence? Or should I have two accounts? I intially setup up with dish at my work residence because cable and OTA wasn't available (gave me networks) and then setup up my main residence. The Dish CSA said I could only have one account and that it was okay to take the receivers back and forth. Is this true? My concern is that I will probably have Dish install the Superdish at my normal residence and it doesn't qualify for the networks. Will they even check my service address or just come to the address I give them and do the install? Any thoughts or experience in this area would be appreciated. Thanks.

And BTW, great site Scott and boy has it grown fast.
I do not know the absolute answer - not sure if anyone does. However:

1. In a Charlie chat a long time ago someone asked about bringing their receiver to their vacation home to use it. Charlie said yes, you can bring the box back and forth. (I know - Charlie can be clueless)

2. I think there is a clause about the boxes being on the same phone line. I suppose bringing the box back and forth would cover that.

3. Using a box at one site, and another box at the same time at another site even if it is your immediate family and you own both houses is what I am not sure of. If you are watching two different boxes, one is upstairs and one downstairs, is that different than using those same two boxes, only by your immediate family but at two locations? I just don't know.
There is a complicating factor of one of your sites being a business. Residential accounts are prohibited at businesses.

4. For me, I think it is ok morally to use the boxes at two addresses as long as only your immediate family is getting benefit - those that live under the same roof, especially if it is ocassional - such as at a vacation home when you leave a family member home that week, etc....
If you have two recievers and they are in two places all the time then you really should have two accounts.

Its like if you had cableTV in one place and you had another place you also stayed or worked at, you wouldnt get free cable because you already have it at your other place.

If you have a winter home / summer home type setup and you take your boxes back and forth with you, you should be ok. :)

I know probably not the answer you wanted but its an honest answer just the same. :)

Thanks for your comments and welcome!
My other home is only used for about 6-8 months out of the year and I do take receivers back and forth. I was just wondering if this could cause a problem when Dish comes out to install the Superdish at my one home that isn't qualified for the networks but the other is (the one I had the first install done at). I, in effect, did a self-movers program. What do you think?
When they come out to install the SuperDish they probably will not ask about what address is qualifying for what location but just be concerned about getting the SuperDish installed and then be on their way. If you wanted a second SuperDish at a second home I imagine that Dish Network Service Corporation will not install it at the other location in which is not listed on your account but a retailer probably would).

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