New 301 software fixing PIP problem?


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Sep 7, 2003
Western WV
Someone has reported that they have a 301 that has software version 1.84 and that the acquiring satellite signal issue on the PIP as well as scroll about two days in advance without losing the PIP. Anybody else notice this?
Someone contacted me in Email and told me their 301 has a SuperDish option and includes a bunch of satellite slots you can select from.

Can anyone verify if this is true? I didn't think the SuperDish code was going out yet.
That is what this other person has said as well. Maybe he received a software version by mistake.
I have a 301 and I just received the 184 update. So far the only difference I noticed is the Point Dish / Signal Strenght screen. It has 7 Satellites listed (61.5, 105, 110, 119, 121, 129, 148) on the left, and a new (I think it's new) "Peak Angles" menu on the right. Only one strength bar at the bottom of the screen. The Peak Angles menu allows you to select Dish 300, Dish 500, or SuperDish and gives the recommended angles for dish positioning. However, when you select Superdish, "N/A" is listed in all the angles except for 105 and 121. Weird.

The Check Switch menu off the main screen now has a check box for "SuperDish /129". I have not attempted this test, as I don't have a SuperDish.

Anyway, hope this fill you're appetite for useless information ont he 301 for now. :)

I would think that the SuperDish checkswitch will work similar if not the same as the checkswitch on 129 before seeing that the dish used for 129 would be similar to the SuperDish.

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