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Sep 7, 2003
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Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first Charlie Chat... Chat here at SatelliteGuys.US tonight! We had over 40 people join us over the night! A far larger turnout then I ever expected, thanks everyone!

Tonight's Charlie Chat packed some WOWS that even made me say wow a few times!

First I did not expect the Dish 6000 offer! $199 is a great deal on the 6000!

Other WOW was the FREE upgrade offer for the SuperDish!

Very Suprising Chat, a little boring at times but enough surprises to make it a thumbs up chat.

Our own AngioDan was the winner of the Hockey Jersey! Way to go Dan!

So now the question is what did YOU think of tonight's chat?
Super DISH

I am a DISH everything pack subscriber and also have Discovery HD. It will not cost me much to upgrade to the HD Package and I then get a Super DISH installed FREE.
I liked Clint, the Guy from Discovery HD, I thought he was one of the better guests they have had on.

Congrats angiodan, thats a nice jersey!!!
Hey Ho everyone!

Scott Greczkowski said:
First I did not expect the Dish 6000 offer! $199 is a great deal on the 6000!

Is this 6000 already equiped with both the 8VSB and 8PSK?

Can I get the Super Dish with the 6000 promotion?

Where will I have to go to get a 6000, my dealer or Dish?

And I'm glad I sold my old 6000 5 weeks ago for $561. :)
I'm thrilled with not having to pay for Superdish, 921 hopefully in 7 weeks, and selling my 6000 for big bucks before this chat aired!!!

I wonder if Expressvu will chop the price for the 6000 as well.

I'm also happy to have won the Sakic jersey!

Best chat in a long time! :mrgreen:
A couple of question:

1. Is Superdish free w/a 6000 or only with a 811?

2. will 921 also have DVR fees?

3. If/When Hartford (or other locals) gets added, will I need superdish?

Re: Super DISH

MikeJ said:
I am a DISH everything pack subscriber and also have Discovery HD. It will not cost me much to upgrade to the HD Package and I then get a Super DISH installed FREE.

I 2nd this as the best info from the chat for me..I was expecting a deal for current subs, but the freebie offer seals it for me :)
Here is a summary of what I was able to get from the Chat tonight.

(1) Passed the 9 million subscribers
(2) Launched Echostar 9 successfully

(3) New HDTV Programming Package: Available 9/16/2003. Includes:

  • HDnet
    Discovery HD
    Total cost $9.99/mth
    $109.89/mth a total saving of one month free.

    Emphasis on lowest price in AMERICA for HD Programming.

    Anyone with a current subscription of Discovery HD can call on the 16th and change it to New HDTV package (adding two additional dollars)

    (4) Current HD Programming:
    • HBO-HD (with a subscription to HBO)
      SHO-HD (with a subscription to SHO)
      Discovery HD
      CBS-HDTV (only available to 30% of customer qualify)

      (5) New HDTV package will be available with a dish 500 plus a 6000 receiver with the enhanced HD adapter.

      (6) Customer offer for Enhanced HD adapter for Model 6000

      (a) $99 installed. Shipping charges waived with subscription to HD


      (b) Free to Annual HD Programming package customers.

      (7) Customer offer of Model 6000.

      (a) $499 MSRP receiver only plus $99 installation


      (b) $199 installed and one year minimum programming agreement
      to America's Top 50 plus HD package. There is a limit of one receiver.
      Offer begins 9/16/03 and ends 10/31/03. Savings of $399.

      8- Dish 811
      (a) delivers SD and HD satellite programming
      (b) Dish Home Interactive
      (c) $399 receiver ONLY

      (9) Dish 921
      (a) delivers SD and HD satellite programming
      (b) $999 receiver ONLY
      (c) Charlie stated 40 hrs of HD programming but who knows?

      (10) DVR 510
      (a) $299 receiver only plus $99 installation


      (b) $199 installed or delivered with one year commitment to
      America's Top 100, Dish latino Dos. Needs to have been activated on or
      before 11/15/02. DVR fees will apply. Offer expires 1/31/04.
      Savings of $199

      (11) SuperDish Antenna Upgrade

      (a) $200 plus $99 installation. Stars 11/1/03. $199 up front.


      (b) Free with 1 year commitment to America's top 50 plus local packager
      or HD package. Expires 1/31/04. Savings of $299.
I enjoyed the chat for the most part...but hard to concentrate, as I was on hold to talk to Charlie for most of the chat....I kept talking to Dish staff, and was apparently next to ask a question...but they didn't get to any more questions......they are supposed to call me back.

The 811 at $399 was disappointing, after the $299, and hope it included a dish.

But, the SuperDish at free with committment is great......I've been on the fence on going to the darkside (directv), but think I may wait for 811. But a two month wait....that will be hard.....wonder what I can do for HD in meantime.....

I'm looking forward to hearing more soon.....
BTW did anyone else get a laugh about the SuperDish theme song? :)

Hows that for dedication to HDTV when they make a song for HDTV and the Superdish? :D
Sounds like good news for Dish subs! I'll just have to placate myself with NFL ST. :p
Once the HD programming moves to 110 or 105 will it still be mirrored on 148?

I talked to Dish during the CC and they said the HD stuff would remain on 148. (do you think this is true?)

I would have to purchase a much larger dish to see 110 or 105 here in Anchorage.

They did confirm Superdish would not work here!
From what I understand the four new HD channels will only be at the 110 location. Then when 105 lights up all of the HD channels will be mirrored at that location with the hope of having HD at the 105 slot sometime in the furture.

I is how I understood the retailer chat and the consumer chat.


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