setting up 1000.4 with a vip211


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Oct 12, 2005
We are trying to hook up a 1000.4 dish to a vip211 receiver. We ran one cable from the receiver to port 1 on the lnbf. We get signal and locked on from 72 satellite but can't lock on 77 or 61.5. To properly align the dish should we cover the 2 outside lnd's to ensure we are getting satellite 72 on the middle lnb. Thanks.


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Sep 19, 2007
I would put aluminum foil over the 72-77 double cap and get the 61.5 signal perfect first,watch transponder 14 on 61.5 get it as high as possible.

also hook receiver to port # 3 for default 61.5 reception, port 1 =77,port 2 =72,port 3 =61.5,port4 =LNB In.

You really need a meter to do a 1000.4 dish but with the foil method you might just get lucky.
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Feb 17, 2005
Laurel Springs NJ
Just follow the directions in the 1000.4 install instructions. It took me several hours to align my 1000.4 when I was installing it. I ended up putting in the 1000.2 system due to the fact that I have a better view of the western arc than the eastern arc.

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