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Apr 3, 2017
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We have a King Dome mounted on our RV and a ViP211k receiver attached for about three years. We only have Dish service turned on when we are traveling. It has worked until we switched our home service from Dish to Directv and decided to use Directv service (with a new receiver we were told was compatible by King and Winegard). We never did get the Directv service working. Decided to go back to Dish service and hooked up the 211k again.

Spent over three hours on the phone with Dish yesterday trying to get service going. Had a great deal of trouble getting through all the self checks, but made it through once or twice. At one point, I was able to get to "live TV", but all we had on the guide was the interactive channels. After going through switch check and satellite scans several more times, the full guide downloaded, and we now have all the channels. However, when I select a channel from the guide, the TV screen goes black. Sometimes we get an error message showing no satellite; sometimes the screen stays black.

Dish finally told me to call King. Of course, it was Sunday and King wasn't open. No response from local retailer either. I'm thinking that, since the guide was successfully downloaded (and therefore the authorization signal was received), the King Dome is probably ok and it may be the 211k that has a problem. Not being any sort of a satellite expert, there are way too many variables going on here. Can anyone help? Do I need the DIRT team?


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Jun 14, 2006
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I think you have to hook up the 211k to a regular dish so it can download the software to control the King Dome. I could be wrong.

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