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Nov 14, 2007
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Sorry if this has been asked and answered but I couldn't find it. Contemplating a switch from a 722 and 612 setup (Right now the 612 serves 2 TV's) to hopper and 2 joeys.
A couple questions, will a standard diplexer work over satellite to hopper cable to get OTA to TV (Satellite feed from solo node to hopper)? I want to wire directly to TV for when storms knockout satellite signal. Can I use a standard 2-way splitter from solo node to joey location? I'm going to have 2 joeys at the same location but only have one RG6 cable from where the solo node will be to the 2 joeys? Can I use a standard diplexer on the RG6 cable from solo node to the 2 joey locations for OTA signal to TV as noted above?
Has anyone used the CAT5 to HDMI adapter with joey? One Joey will be for a remote TV on 2nd floor served by CAT5 to HDMI adapter. And lastly does the joey's UHF remote work through walls or line of sight?

Another question, to get recordings from 722 and 612, to hopper. Should I activate EHD on my account and move recordings from 722 to hard drive, than move hard drive to 612 and move recordings , than connect hard drive to hopper and move to hopper?? Will that work?

One more question, with 3 tuners and PTAT is one tuner being used each evening for 3 hours for PTAT leaving 2 tuners free? How does one tuner record 4 networks?

One last rant/comment, I wish Dish would not "hard wire" their power cords. it would make it much easier to replace hardware...end of rant

Thanks for the responses.
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Sep 7, 2003
No diplexer, you will need a separate coax for the OTA signal.

Yes you can use a splitter to feed two or three Joeys from a single coax.

Just plug in your EHD, no activation is necessary.

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