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Mar 5, 2007
Le Roy, NY
I have shut OFF the notification setting on Hopper 3 for "Shared View" but the pop-up still displays (bottom right hand corner).

I really don't need to know every time a Joey starts to watch the same channel as Hopper 3.

This is a simple thing. Please fix!


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Apr 9, 2006
OK, to be clear, the Shared View feature will only appear if another user on your Hopper network goes to the TV Activity Screen and specifically selects one of the tuners in use and then selects "JOIN" from among the Viewing Options. This shared viewing is both of you having "control" of each others experience, meaning that if the other viewer skips back, you will also see your video skip back, etc. That is why it is called a "Shared" experience. If someone on your Hopper network simply "tunes" to the "same" channel you happen to be viewing, the Hopper will use an unused tuner so that each of you has a separate experience not affecting the other, and there will be NO NOTIFICATION appearing on your screen. The only way the notification can appear is if someone DELIBERATELY chooses to JOIN one of your active tuners from the TV Activity Screen. The system NEVER does a join on its own. In the case of all tuners in use and someone takes a joey, etc. out of standby, they are presented with the TV Activity Screen and must choose either one of the tuners IN USE (since they are all being used) to "JOIN" or if they do not want to "Join" an in use tuner, they may also select DVR or PTAT, On Demand, or Netflix, and the TV Activity Screen will stay there on screen unchanged until that person selects something. Setting up "No Notification" would presumably keep the pop-up from appearing if it is "JOINED", I THINK, not sure.

Just wanting to be certain what the bug really is and, therefore, making it clear for Dish to fix if there is a bug. Feel free to add anything more to clarify because I'm sure I and others don't want this problem either, and we can provide others the opportunity to state if they have experienced the same thing, and more than one or two people experiencing a bug will get Dish's attention. Thanks.

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