Shaw Direct 60E vs. 75E for use in Cabo, Mexico

Discussion in 'Canadian Satellite Services' started by bmg67ss, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Is one better to use than the other because of the size? My client has the 4-output LNB.

    Thank You for everyone assitance.
  3. Go for the 75E down in Mexico. You won't get much with the 60E.

  4. thank you. We were getting around 80 as a signal and saw a lot of his neighbors had the 75e. Is the 75e an older dish; not readily available as the 60e.
  5. It is not readily available anymore. I used the 60E dish for ten years. It was fine up here in Canada . Not too much difference in signal from my location between the two .But down in Mexico you would need a larger dish to compensate for rain fade and signal from the two sats. I've kept three 75E dishes here as they work well for FTA sats