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May 5, 2006
I used to sub to Shaw and due to financial reasons I had to give it up. Well, my situation has changed and and I'm in the process of resetting my dishes to get both sats (107.3 & 111.1). I use a 24" dish at 107.3 and get around 9-9.3 (86 sig quality) on 107.3 and instead of using the Primestar dish I used to use for 111.1 I was going to use another 24" dish for 111.1. I think the signal for 111.1 is not as strong so this might not be feasible. Any thoughts? BTW...the Primestar dish is still available but I had a storm knock it down so it's kinda pieced together to get it to work.


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Nov 12, 2008
If you are locked on 107, I would suggest going ahead and re-activating your account. once this is done, re-align your current 24" and see what kind of signal you get on 111. my guess is that for the HD channels, you may need a 30" dish.

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